This is a five-star 30-hour online course is self-guided for students who are either virtually learning or in a public or private school. This course allows students to learn at their own pace and are accredited by the Minnesota DMV.

It has been specifically designed for in school students who want to take the safest, most-effective driver training available on the market today.
It is approved by the State of Minnesota and goes beyond the basics to teach new drivers how to avoid unpredictable risks by developing their defensive driving instincts using proven techniques that defy boring academic lectures.

This course is taught by Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety Expert, Mike Pehl who has over 40 years of experience teaching teens to become smart, intuitive drivers with exceptional results.

Mike will guide your student through the driver ed process with his pragmatic and practical teaching methods. This course is intended to help your student easily and confidently transition from the classroom to the roadways.

His proven techniques will not only teach your teen to pass their knowledge test, but also to master their driving skills with confidence behind the wheel.

In addition, your student will receive a printed book in the mail within 7-10 days of purchase. Your student can use the book as a supplement/study guide.

If your student wants to start the course immediately, we do offer a pdf version of the book at the beginning of the online program. Your student can download the first chapters to use until the book arrives.

When your student finishes the course to 100% they will get a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. The instructions on what to do next can be found in the steps following the completion of the course.

Students can bring the certificate of completion to a behind the wheel instructor in their area in order to sign up for the 6 hours of instruction and to get a blue card which students need when they are ready to take their permit test at the DMV.

When signing up for the course use your student's full legal name. First/Middle Name in the first box and Last Name in the second box. Then fill out the custom fields as required. The information you put here will go on the student's Certificate of Completion.


  • 119 Educational Video Clips

    Include Basic Driving Tips, Proven Defensive Driving techniques, best practice driver training demonstrations, compelling storytelling and real world crashes that will stimulate and even startle students as they learn about the anatomy of a car crash.

  • Practice Quizzes and Exams

    In addition, the course provides extra practice quizzes and exams to ensure your teen passes the permit test on the first try. The critical thinking questions and enrichment activities will build your teen’s confidence and defensive driving abilities.

  • Certificate of Completion

    All students who complete this 30-hour online course will get a Certificate of Completion automatically at the end of the course and easy to follow instructions on what to do after completing the course in order to take your permit test.


  • 1

    Welcome to Driver's Ed Chapter 1

    • Getting to Know You

    • Let's Meet Mike

    • Mike says:

    • The Basics

    • Driving is a Privilege

    • Traffic Laws and Vehicle Operation

    • How to Get Your Permit AND Updates

    • Your Instruction Permit

    • Get The Blue Card

    • The Learner's Permit

    • Driving and Riding with Other Teens

    • The Graduated Driver's Licensing Rules

    • The Graduated Driver's Licensing Phase I

    • Graduated Driver's Licensing Phase II- Provisional License

    • Graduated Driver's License Phase III

    • Vannessa's Law

    • The Girl that Didn't Know What to Do Video

    • License Classifications

    • Defining Each License Classification

    • Exceptions to Minimum Age Requirement

    • Farm License Qualifications

    • Medical License Qualifications

    • Permit and GDL Rules Quiz

    • Speed & Speed Limits

    • Minnesota Speed Limits

    • New Guidelines -If Stopped By Police

    • Let Common Sense be Your Guide

    • The Cost of Speeding Tickets and Violations

    • Speed Limits and Fines

    • Speed and Field of Vision

    • Peripheral Vision

    • Reasons to Reduce Your Speed

    • Force of Impact

    • Moving Vehicles and Force of Impact

    • Parking

    • Parking Positions

    • Smart Habits to Use in a Parking Lot

    • Parking is Not Allowed

    • How to Avoid Dings, Dents and Damage to Your Car in Parking Lots

    • Car Cam Academy - The #1 Crash

    • Speed and Parking Quiz

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 1

  • 2

    Sharing the Road Chapter 2

    • Three Common Crashes

    • Three Common Crashes Quiz

    • Crash Test Dummies

    • Crash Test Dummies Quiz

    • Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

    • What to Do and Expect when Stopped by Law Enforcement

    • What to Do When You See Emergency Lights Behind You

    • What NOT to Do if you are Pulled Over by a Police Officer

    • Acceptable Identification during a Traffic Stop

    • Fleeing a Police Officer

    • Driving- Careless, Reckless and Racing

    • Aggressive Driving and Road Rage Quiz

    • Car Cam Academy -Avoid Sudden Lane Changes

    • Yield Does Not Mean Stop

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 2

  • 3

    Signs & Signals Chapter 3

    • Knowing Your Signs & Signals

    • Signs and Signals

    • Mike Says:

    • Signs & Signals Cheat Sheet

    • The 7 Common Shapes of Signs

    • Understanding the Yield Sign

    • Regulatory Signs

    • Speed Limit Signs

    • Do not Pass Signs

    • One Way Signs

    • Keep Right

    • Roundabout Sign

    • Common Warning Signs

    • Pennant Sign

    • Slo-Moving Vehicle

    • Motorist Services Signs

    • Historical, Cultural, Recreational Signs

    • Knowing Your Signs Quiz

    • Understanding Traffic Signals

    • Traffic Control Signals

    • Examples of Common Traffic Signals You will Encounter

    • Flashing Arrow Signals

    • Lane Changes and Tailgaters

    • Pavement Markings- White Lines

    • Pavement Markings- Yellow Lines

    • Understanding the Turn Lane Markings

    • Mistakes Made By Others

    • Car Cam Academy- Terrible T-Bone

    • Understanding Traffic Signals and Pavement Markings Quiz

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 3

  • 4

    Interacting with Traffic Chapter 4

    • Interacting with Traffic

    • Mike Says:

    • Interacting with School Buses

    • The Rules For Interacting with a School Bus

    • School Bus Safety Tips

    • Stopping for a School Bus

    • Passing a School Bus

    • Vehicle Owner May Be Penalized for Violating the school bus Stop Arm Law

    • School Safety Patrol

    • Interacting with Emergency Vehicles

    • Interacting with Flashing Red Lights

    • Sheriff Carmine Marceno Helps Us Further Explain What to To When Pulled Over by the Police

    • Traffic Law Updates

    • Text in Tredegar

    • Interacting with Distracted Drivers

    • Interacting with Railroad Tracks

    • Interacting with Trucks

    • Interacting with Bicycles and Motorists and New Bike Laws

    • Interacting with Pedestrians and Crosswalks

    • Interacting in the Dark

    • Interacting with Drowsy Drivers

    • Understanding the Zipper Merge

    • Understanding the Blind Spot

    • Interacting with Traffic Quiz

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 4

  • 5

    Distances & Signs Chapter 5

    • Distances and Signs

    • Mike Says:

    • Understanding SIPDE

    • Rules You NEED to Help YOU Pass Your Permit Test

    • Train Yard Story

    • Following Distance

    • Freeway Driving

    • Car Cam Academy- To Hit or Not to Hit an Animal in the Road

    • Distances and Signs Quiz

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 5

  • 6

    Final Exam #1

    • Preparing for the Final Exam

    • Let's Test!

    • A Little Help

    • Final Exam #1

  • 7

    Driving Environments Chapter 6

    • Driving Environments

    • Mike Says:

    • Following Distances

    • Rear End Collision and Rocky Dance

    • Road Conditions

    • Stopping Distances

    • Understanding the Four Corners of Your Car

    • Driveways on Country Roads

    • Avoiding a Semi-Truck's Blind Spots

    • Freeway Driving

    • FreeWay Mishaps

    • Car Cam Academy- Mind the Move Over Law

    • Driving Environments Quiz

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 6

  • 8

    Basic Maneuvers Chapter 7

    • Basic Manuevers

    • Mike Says:

    • Mistakes By Other Drivers

    • Basic Turning Rules of the Road

    • Don't Stare at Your Mirrors

    • Uncontrolled Intersections

    • Intersections and the Right-of-Way

    • Stop Sign Smarts

    • Passing

    • Basic Manuevers Quiz

    • Car Cam Academy - Crashing on a Multi-Lane Road

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 7

  • 9

    Adverse & Emergency Situations Chapter 8

    • Adverse and Emergency Situations

    • Mike Says:

    • Rules to Follow When Pulled Over by Police

    • The Kid Who Hit a Police Car

    • Braking and Regaining Control

    • Driving Emergencies

    • Dealing with Tailgaters

    • Carbon Monoxide- The Silent Killer

    • Car Cam Academy - How Fast Your Day Can Change

    • Adverse and Emergency Situation Quiz

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 8

  • 10

    Understanding Your Car's Equipment Chapter 9

    • Your Car's Equipment

    • Mike Says:

    • Automatic Headlights

    • Lights and Brakes and More

    • Horns, Tire Tread and Bumpers

    • Windows Up, Windows Down

    • Window Washer Fluid

    • Seatbelts and Airbags

    • Car Cam Academy - Don't Forget To Fasten Your Seatbelt

    • Know Your Car Quiz

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 9

  • 11

    Responsible Choices Chapter 10

    • Responsible Choices

    • Mike Says:

    • The Boys who Played Mailbox Golf

    • Drugs, Drinking and Driving

    • Minnesota DUI Laws

    • Cannibas, the NEW Drug in Town

    • Driving High is a DUI

    • The Affects of Long Term Cannabis Usage

    • Open Bottle

    • Vanessa's Law

    • Underage Drinking

    • Losing Your License

    • Organ Donations- Life AFTER Death

    • Car Cam Academy- A Thousand Splinters and Some Glass

    • Responsible Choices Quiz

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 10

  • 12

    Ownership, Insurance, Maintenance and Planning Chapter 11

    • Ownership, Insurance, Maintenance and Planning

    • Mike Says

    • Automobile Insurance

    • Medication and Driving

    • What To Do After a Crash

    • Oil Changes and Brakes

    • Tire Tread

    • The Pros and Cons of Leasing a Car or Buying a Car - Weighing your Options

    • Buying a Vehicle

    • Leasing a Vehicle

    • Negotiating Your Lease Terms

    • Ownership, Insurance, Maintenance and Planning Quiz

    • Enrichment Activity End of Chapter 11

  • 13

    Get Set for Behind the Wheel Chapter 12

    • Skills To Help You Master Your Road Test

    • How Mike Learned to Drive

    • Introduction to Your Behind the Wheel Lessons with Mike Pehl

    • Setting the Ground Rules

    • The Safety Checklist

    • The First Time in Gear

    • The First Road Trip

    • Fine Tune the Basics

    • Head out on the Freeway

    • Master the Country Roads

    • Keep it Moving

    • Parallel Parking and 90 Degree Backup

    • Defensive Driving

    • License Day

    • Book Smart, Street Smart End of Chapter 11

  • 14

    Final Exam #2

    • Final Exam #2 - Finish this Exam to Complete the Course!


    • How to Prepare for Taking Your Permit Test at the DMV

    • Downloadable Cheat Sheet for Minnesota Knowledge Test

    • Downloadable PDF to Increase Your Confidence Before Test Day


Driver Safety Expert

Mike Pehl

Mike Pehl is a former crash investigator who became a Driver Safety Expert to teach new drivers how to survive behind the wheel. His proven defensive driving techniques and pragmatic teaching approach have helped tens of thousands of teens become smarter, safer drivers.


In addition to full course access, you will also receive:

  • Exclusive Discount

    A discounted subscription to our Discounted Insurance Seminar Series.

  • Online Community Access

    Join like-minded parents for discussion in our Facebook closed group.

  • Group Coaching Session

    OPTIONAL: Half Hour LIVE Q & A sessions with Mike Pehl.


Was very helpful!

Rosa – San Diego, CA

I needed help with my driver test and the book helped me learn what I needed about the roads and signs and laws and then the DVD gave me step by step instructions on how to start in a parking lot and work my way up to driving on the freeways safely.

The car cam emails that we receive are really awesome!

Angie T - Homeschool Parent, Milaca, MN

These images are imprinted on my sons brain, and he has re-enacted them with Hotwheels to tell family and friends about the video.  I believe one of the best ways to really understand something to the point that it becomes a part of you is to teach it.  His Hotwheel demonstrations bring the level of understanding up for sure.  I know that these short video segments will have a lasting impression on his driving attitude and skills.  Thank-you for sharing these videos as well!! A sincerely, very satisfied and thankful customer! Blessings on your endeavors!!

I've told many a parent you don't invest 16 years into your child to have it wiped out by a wrong decision

Mary Madden (Range Driver Training)

The 3 DVD's are so hand-in-hand for putting safer teen drivers on the road. I am really pleased to add them to our curriculum and offer them to parents. They also are great for developing a parent-instructor-student working relationship. We've always tried to stress how important it is that we all work together to put the safest teen driver possible on the road.  I've told many a parent you don't invest 16 years into your child to have it wiped out by a wrong decision - 1 second decision your teen made BTW.  You need to work with them before,  during and after the licensing process.  Mike reinforces that message and validates what I've been saying for 37 years.

It was not boring!

Colleen - Homeschool Parent, Duluth, MN

I purchased and returned two Driver Ed courses before finding DriveSafeRideSafe’s curriculum. This course makes it easy for a parent to teach and keeps the teen interested. Mike’s stories and insights are practical and compelling. My son even liked the course and the enrichment activities because “it was not boring”. As parents we liked that we were teaching him how to become a safe driver.

Easy to understand and very practical.

Vicki D (Driver Ed Instructor)

I like how the steps and ideas to help parents and students are easy to understand and very practical. Doing these steps and practices will make teen drivers and experienced drivers even more Roadworthy.


Diana J (Tulsa, Ok.)

An EXCELLENT Course! I especially approve of the common sense, step-by-step instructions presented in such a calm manner!! I highly recommend for parents who are planning to teach their teens to drive.

Our son worked hard and enjoyed “learning from Mike”.

Jean H. – Homeschool Parent- St. Paul, MN.

Our son is homeschooled because he has a hard time with traditional learning. We were worried about him passing his driver test, but then we found Mike Pehl’s DriveSafeRideSafe Course. Our son worked hard and enjoyed “learning from Mike”. He passed his test the first time with 100%. We were so proud and so thankful to have this curriculum. Thanks to the DriveSafeRideSafe folks!

Knowing how to drive is not enough when it comes to teaching someone else!

Julie S (Mother of 3 accident free teens)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    After enrolling, you have 90 days access to this course - across any and all devices you own.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course package content?

    All sales are final. No refunds for this course package will be given. However, we would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us immediately at [email protected].

Questions about the behind the wheel driving instructions?

All students that finish the Online Driver Ed course are eligible to receive a Blue Card from

Mike Pehl (Alexandria area) and Clint Pehl (Mound area) are both available to teach behind the wheel driving lessons.

If these locations are not easily accessible to you we suggest you check out the Minnesota DVS list of qualified behind the wheel teachers below.

We cannot personally recommend the instructors on this list but we can suggest that you ask friends and family if they were happy with an instructor they used if they were a Christian based Driver Ed facility.

If you have questions feel free to email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 765-281-2942.We are here to help.