DSRS LIVE with Mike Pehl

Driver Safety Expert

Don’t quite know where to find blinker fluid?

Need a confidence boost behind the wheel?

Add-on this valuable experience for your soon-to-be teen driver.

While your teen is completing their driver training coursework from DSRS, they will have access to a weekly video conference with Mike Pehl.

DSRS LIVE with Mike Pehl, Driver Safety Expert.

Mike’s weekly half hour programs include live chats, Q & A sessions and perhaps even help on how to calm parental fears when it comes to handing over the car keys.

These LIVE chats can help relieve your teens concerns over getting behind the wheel and help them grow into a great confident driver.

Pricing options

Please choose a plan that suits you most. You can save $5 if you subscribe annually.

You can cancel anytime.

If you have questions during the week, or want to talk about how to get help for your parents who are struggling to teach [email protected]

Mike’s Live Half Hour Webinar Schedule

Every Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am CST

About Mike Pehl

Mike is a driving expert and has taught thousands of teens to drive safely over the past 30 years. He will answer your teens questions and provide a safe space for learning. He will share stories of success and failure of teen drivers to help them understand the responsibility they are undertaking while operating a motor vehicle.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to enroll your teen in this live driver training experience.


Each half hour LIVE session will offer driving tips from Mike and a Q & A session for you or your teen.

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